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Sale! albion-b26q-quart-b-line-high-thrust-subfloor-adhesive-caulking-gun
Albion Caulking GunsAlbion B2Q QUART B-Line High Thrust Caulking Gunalbion-b26q-quart-b-line-high-thrust-subfloor-adhesive-caulking-gun


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeJumbo Quart Gun 26 to 1 thrust ratio, perfect for pumping thick urethanes and epoxies


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Albion – B26Q Quart Caulking Gun

Albion B26Q, one quart high thrust 26:1 caulking and sealant guns are meticulously designed to operate very smoothly by dispensing a variety of high viscosity sealants like auto urethanes and construction sealants even during cold weather. The caulk gun strap frame revolves to move the nozzle tip where needed and has a thrust ratio of 26:1. The spring-release plunger allows you to load and dispense silicone, acrylics and polyurethane sealants quickly and easily. The thumb-activated instant pressure release button prevents sealant run-on which can save you money over time. The Albion B26Q one quart caulking and sealant gun includes a built-in ladder hook for your convenience and safety.

• Barrel rotates for easy application.
• High Thrust ratio 26:1 for thick urethanes, polyethers, and epoxies
• Jumbo Quart 29-oz cartidge capacity
• Heavy duty constructed rotating metal half barrel caulk and sealant gun
• Adjustable wear compensating device with a steel trigger for long lasting durability
• An excellent choice for easily dispensing medium to high viscosity sealants, adhesives, urethanes and other caulking
• Applies auto windshield urethane adhesives professionally
• Works great in cold weather

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 19 x 9 x 3 in
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