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Sale! Albion Engineering B26T600 Manual Multi Component Cartridge Epoxy Adhesive Gun 300 mL x 300 mL
Albion Caulking GunsAlbion Engineering Caulking Tools Conspec MaterialsAlbion Engineering B26T600 Manual Multi Component Cartridge Epoxy Adhesive Gun 300 mL x 300 mL


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Albion B26T600 Manual Multi-Component Cartridge Gun


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Albion – B26T600 Dual Component Epoxy Adhesive Gun

The Albion B26T600 Multi Ratio gun handles twin 300/300ml cartidges and converts easily to 300/150ml. •A heavy duty dual injection gun with a 26:1 mechanical advantage, designed to hold 300ml x 300ml cartridges with a 1:1 mix ratio. •All three rods push the piston of the dual cartridge simultaneously and are made with steel for durability. •Good for dispensing epoxies & adhesives for construction joints, crack injection, bolt setting.

• 2-component model for 1:1 mix ratio 300mL, X 300ml cartridges
• Also 2:1 conversion Parts included.
• High Thrust 26:1 Ratio Drive
• 300x300ml and 300x150ml (1:1, 2:1)
• Thrust: 900 lbs, Pressure: 167 psi
• B-Line Multi-Component Dispensing Gun with smooth & powerful
• High Thrust 26:1 Ratio Drive
• An Albion Core Tool

Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 22 x 6 x 8 in
Product Size