Sale! ATC Crackbond Epoxy Caulking Gun TM16HD
ATC Crackbond Epoxy Caulking Gun TM16HD


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ATC – TM16HD Multi Ratio gun handles twin 300/150ml cartridges, ATC dual cartridge guns are made with steel for maximum jobsite durability.


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ATC Crackbond TM16HD Dual Component Epoxy Gun

ATC Epoxy TM16HD Multi Ratio Gun handles twin 300/150ml cartridges and converts easily to 300/300ml.  A heavy duty dual injection gun with a 26:1 mechanical advantage, designed to hold 300ml x 150ml cartridges with a 1:2 mix ratio.  All three rods push the piston of the dual cartridge simultaneously and are made with steel for durability.  Good for dispensing epoxies & adhesives for construction joints, crack injection, bolt setting.

• 2-component model for 1:2 mix ratio 300 X 150ml cartridges
• Also 2:1 conversion Parts included.
• High Thrust 26:1 Ratio Drive
• 300x150ml (2:1) can also be converted to 300mlx300ml (1:1)
• Thrust: 900 lbft, Pressure: 167 psi
• 26:1 Drive

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 12 x 6 x 6 in

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