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Sale! GACO Elastomeric Silicone Roof Coating 2-Gal RV Camper Flat Roof Coatings Tampa Florida
GACO Elastomeric Silicone Roof Coating 2-Gal RV Camper Flat Roof Coatings Tampa FloridaGACO Elastomeric Silicone Roof Coating 2-Gal Do it yourself


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Gaco Elastomeric GSE1500-2 (WHITE) Silicone Roof Coating

This high quality, single component, elastomeric coating provides a long lasting waterproof membrane on a flat or a sloped roof. The coating is made from silicone, allowing for superior protection against permanent ponding water, UV rays and temperature extremes. Due to the unique chemistry of Gaco Elastomeric, it can be rained on after 2 hours and won’t wash off the roof. Gaco Elastomeric adheres directly to the substrate and does not require a primer. Use it to protect large and small buildings, homes, garages, patio covers, sheds, barns, mobile homes, RVs and more.

Two gallons of Gaco Elastomeric provides the same coverage as a 5-gallon pail of most acrylic elastomerics, plus the added benefits and protection of a Gaco Silicone!!!

BETTER COVERAGE. One 2 gallon container of GacoElastomeric covers same area as competitors 5 gallon pail
CURES FAST. Can be rained on after just 2 hours and won’t wash off the roof.
•  BETTER THAN ACRYLICS. Higher solids than acrylics, more coating stays on the roof.
IDEAL FOR FLAT ROOFS; Large & Small Buildings, Homes, Garages, Patio Covers, Sheds, Barns, Mobile Homes, RV & Campers,
WITHSTANDS PONDING WATER. Acrylics begin to soften in as little as 24 hours.
EASY TO APPLY.  Application with paint roller, apply 2 coats at 100 sqft per gallon, per coat
REMAINS PERMANENTLY FLEXIBLE. Acrylics become hard and brittle, and often crack and leaks.
25-YEAR LIMITED MATERIAL WARRANTY, Certifications: UL, Energy Star and Cool Roof Rating Council
Made in the USA



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Call the GACO ROOF HELPLINE, 866-422-6489, 7 days a week, 7am to 4:30pm. 

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Weight 440 oz
Dimensions 17 x 17 x 12 in
Product Size

2-Gallon Pail

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