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Sale! Drylok Wetlook Concrete Paver Sealer 1gal
Drylok Wetlook Concrete Paver Sealer Brush AppliedDrylok Wetlook Concrete Paver Sealer Roller AppliedDrylok Wetlook High Gloss Concrete Paver Sealer


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Drylok® Wetlook High Gloss Sealer

DRYLOK® Wetlook High Gloss Sealer is a clear, non-yellowing, water-based acrylic coating formulated for use on interior or exterior concrete and masonry surfaces. Provides superior hardness and durability. Protects against efflorescence (white, powdery, salt-like deposits) visible on the masonry. Built in flash rust resistance prevents orange staining of surface when applied to masonry containing natural metals. Excellent chemical resistance to de-icing salts, gasoline, oil and weathering. Blush resistant formula will not turn white or haze when exposed to moisture after full cure. Ideal for horizontal and vertical surfaces such as walkways, driveways, pavers, brick, poured concrete, Chattahoochee stone, and artificial stone. Coverage = approx 200 to 400 sqft. per gallon. May require additional coats to achieve wetlook based on surface texture & porosity.

IMPORTANT: Sealed surfaces may become slippery when wet. Use caution when walking on surface when moisture is present. Optional: DRYLOK E1 Non-Skid Texture Additive may be added to DRYLOK WetLook Sealer to improve traction.

• Clear, Non-Yellowing
• Protection with a natural appearance
• Ideal masonry primer
• Minimizes concrete dusting, cracking and pock marking
• Hardens concrete
• One coat protection
• Coverage = approx 200 to 400 sqft. per gallon
• Interior or Exterior Use

Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 8 in
Product Size

1-Gal, 5-Gal

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