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Sale! Cement and Mortar Colors CMC Brick Red Colorant for Concrete Pigment Conspec Materials Tampa Color Powder
Cement and Mortar Colors CMC Brick Red Colorant for Concrete Pigment Conspec Materials Tampa Color PowderConspec Color Cement and Mortar Colors CMC Brick Red Colorant for Concrete Pigment Conspec Materials Tampa FloridaCMC Cement Mortar Colors Powdered Cement DyeLambert Lambco CMC Cement and Mortar Color Chart page2 ConspecColored Concrete Cement Mortar Color Chartbrick red mortar color


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Dry powdered pigments for coloring concrete, stucco, plaster and other cementitious mixes.  Use the drop down box to view the sizes available.

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Brick Red (Cement & Mortar Color)

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CMC Cement & Mortar Color Pigment Dye – Economy and versatility are the primary reasons why CMC color pigments have enjoyed over 50 years of successful use in the concrete industry. Architects and designers depend on CMC color to offer the exact colors wanted to achieve compatibility or exciting contrast between concrete units. Colored concrete is a lasting asset which will add value to any commercial development or private home.

Color pigments may be safely used for coloring of any type of portland cement concrete. Integrally colored concrete is often used in highly visible areas such as exterior and interior concrete slabs for public buildings, homes, or factories. Concrete areas such as floors, driveways, walkways, cart paths, landscape curbing, pool decks, patios, patterned concrete, Concrete roof tiles, precast products, concrete countertops, concrete edgeing, stamped concrete, and cast-in-place concrete all are basic uses for colored concrete

Add 4-LBS of Color per every 94-LBS of Portland Cement, or 4-LBS of Color per every 80-LBS of Masonry Cement.

Description: Dry powdered pigments for coloring concrete, stucco, plaster and other cementitious mixes. Pigments are inert, inorganic (except for “Deep Black”) non-fading mineral oxides that easily disperse in cement mixes. CMC pigments comply with ASTM C-979.

Applications: Colored concrete is one of the most visible sales tools in the construction industry and can immediately add value and uniqueness to a project. CMC pigments are used with cast-in-place, precast concrete panels, concrete masonry units, plaster finishes, concrete pavers, masonry units, concrete countertops, overlays, stucco, concrete tile roofs, plaster, mortar, grout, and nearly every form of decorative concrete. Colored concrete can provide architects, owners, and contractors the opportunity to express individual and/or matching style and design.

Design Considerations: Concrete made with gray cement is darker than concrete made with white cement. Using white cement can greatly enhance color intensity, but can also significantly impact project costs.

Key Factors: In pigmented concrete, consistency from batch to batch is of primary concern. To achieve best application possible there needs to be consistency in each of the following: pigment/cement proportions (measured by weight, not volume), material sources, water/cement ratio, substrate density, and absorption rate, slab or precast element thickness, mixing time with other ingredients, finishing procedures and practices, weather conditions, and curing practices.

MIXING DOSAGE:  Actual colors can vary based on the mixing dose-rate to cement.  As a general guideline add 4-LBS of  CMC Color per every 94-LBS of Cement, or 4-LBS of CMC Color per every 80-LBS of Masonry Cement.

Powdered Cement Colors in stock: Brown 735, Aqua Blue, Autumn Brown, Brick Red, Brite Red, Chocolate Brown, Dark Buff, Deep Black, Dark Red, Goldenrod, Irish Green, Jet Black, Light buff, Mahogany, Miami Beach Red, Mesa Buff, Plum Purple, Red 10-285, Rust Brown, Sandstone, Savannah Brown, Surf Blue, Terra Cotta, White, and Yellow.

• Use 4-LBS of CMC Color per every 94-LBS of Portland Cement
• Use 4-LBS of CMC Color per every 80-LBS of Masonry Cement
• Pure mineral oxides with no additives
• Uniform dispersion, resists flotation
• Very Durable under exposure to UV-Sunlight, does not fade!
• Will not react chemically with cement
• Minimum soluble salt content
• Low efflorescence

Proudly Made in the U.S.A 

Once cured this concrete pigment is lightfast, odorless, alkali and weather resistant, UV stable, non-hazardous, chemically inert, water insoluble, and provides a consistent color outlasting any chemical liquid dyes.


Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 7 in
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1-Pound Bag, 25-Pound Box, 3-Pound Box, 5-Pound Box, 2-oz Jar

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