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ChemmastersChemmasters Cretelox 5-gallon


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A high performance, non-reemulsifiable, acrylic polymer that can be added to any site mixed or prepackaged cement based repair mortars.


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CRETELOX is a non-reemulsifiable, acrylic latex bonding agent and admixture. This high performance polymer is formulated as a bonding agent for cementitious mortars and toppings and as an admixture to site mixed or prepackaged cement based mortars including thin set cement mortars and mortar beds.

• CRETELOX is used in place of all or a portion of the mixing water to improve the physical properties of any cement mix.
• Performance enhancing admixture for stucco, cement plaster, cementitious toppings and overlays, prepackaged mortar or site mix mortars
• Cyclically damp environments, food processing plants, water storage facilities, swimming pools
• Polymer modified concrete (PMC) for bridge decks and white toppings
• Forms permanent, positive chemical and mechanical bond to sound surfaces
• Improves the compressive, tensile, flexural and bond strength of any cement or mortar mix
• Increases abrasion and impact resistance
• Improves chemical resistance to fertilizers, acids and alkalies
• Aids in controlling shrinkage cracking
• Reduces permeability for excellent freeze-thaw resistance
• Deepens and enhances colored mortars, resists fading and is non-yellowing under UV exposure
• Higher quality polymer has no strong ammonia odor
• Significantly reduces chloride ion penetration to protect reinforcing steel from corrosion

Weight 880 oz
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 18 in
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5-Gal Pail