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Sale! Heritage - Concrete Stain Heritage Red Clay Color Reactive Vintage Weathered Stain Conspec Tampa Florida
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Highly Concentrated Concrete Acid Stain, for decorative concrete

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Heritage | Reactive Concrete Stain “Red Clay”

HERITAGE Reactive concrete stain is an All Natural, Organic colored acid concrete stain.

No other products can produce the superb marble and antique patina style finishes of Heritage Concrete Stains.

Heritage Reactive Stain imparts a richness that can’t be reached through other coloring mediums. Rather than produce a solid color effect like paint, Heritage stains penetrate the concrete to infuse it with earthy translucent tones that vary depending on the surface they are applied to and the application techniques used. Get the look of polished marble to tanned leather to natural stone or even stained wood. It can be applied to any clean concrete surface either inside or outside, such as pool decks, patios, driveways, basements, etc.

The acid in the stain lightly etches the surface, allowing Heritage to react chemically with the mineral content of the concrete surface for a deep penetrating permanent stain. These stains are UV stable when sealed.* Use Interior or Exterior. Once the stain reacts, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and won’t fade, chip off or peel away. The final brilliant results are unmatched by any other process and leave beautiful varying antique patina type finishes.

Beautifully and permanently color concrete in 9 rich earth tone colors. Acid stains chemically react with the mineral content and excess lime of the concrete surface for a deep penetrating permanent stain.  The beautiful natural colors created by Heritage Acid Stains are unique to each piece of concrete and have a mottled antique patina.

Because of their superior UV stability, acid stains are always a good choice for for outdoor projects like driveways, sidewalks, pool decks and patios. If properly sealed and maintained, the color of acid stained concrete is permanent and will last as long as the concrete itself. Acid stains can only be used on clean, bare and un-sealed concrete surfaces.

Heritage Concrete Acid Stains can also be used on other outdoor surfaces such as, Concrete Block, Natural Stone and Manufactured Stone. Of course you should always test for compatibility and desired results when using as a stain for concrete or cinder block or a stain for stone. Acid stains should always be sealed after application to protect the colored surface.

  • Provides a wide range of natural Organic colors
  • Concentrated form allows color control
  • UV Stability when sealed interior or exterior*
  • Perfect Antique Patina, Marble, or Natural Stone Style!
  • Reactive Concrete Stain-Acid Based
  • Concentrated formula – Makes up to 2 Gallons (Mix 1:1 with water)
  • *Blue and Green colors are recommended for interior use only as fading/discoloration may occur.
  • For richer color enhancement we recommend solvent based sealers to bring out the deep colors


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Weight 192 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 15 in
Product Size

1-Gal Jug, 4-oz Bottle