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Sale! Surf Koat - Stamp Seal Extreme GLoss SB Solvent Based Decorative Concrete Sealer 1-Gal Conspec Tampa
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high-solids, high-gloss, acrylic, solvent based concrete, decorative concrete sealer


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Surf-Koat – Stamp Seal “Xtreme Gloss” Wet Look Sealer

Stamp Seal “Xtreme Gloss” is an ultra high gloss, fast drying, non-yellowing, pure acrylic concrete sealer designed for decorative concrete. Stamp Seal “Xtreme Gloss” offers improved resistance to rain, the sun, freezing temperatures, stains, and other pollutants that sometimes can be hazardous to concrete. Applying Stamp Seal “Xtreme Gloss” to exposed aggregate will also help to eliminate loose pebbles and premature wear. Treated surfaces shed water, dirt, soot and chemical contaminants to prevent staining and moisture damage to the matrix. It will also enhance the color of integral colored concrete or exposed aggregate concrete by giving it a “wet glossy look”. Because of the unusual characteristics of this formulation, it may be used for many different applications.  Stamp Seal “Xtreme Gloss” is recommended for use on Stamped Concrete, Stenciled Concrete, Acid Stained Concrete, Overlaid
Concrete, Exposed Aggregate Concrete, Broom Finish Concrete, and Trowel Finish Concrete. Other uses may be acceptable.  Because this is a high solids material it is recommended to use the Surf-Koat Surf Grip non-slip additive when using on smooth surfaces.

  • Coverage = approx 200 to 300 sq. ft. per gallon
  • Due to it’s 100% pure acrylic formula, this product will not yellow under ultraviolet exposure
  • Fast drying time highly reduces the risk of trapped solvent or other types of moisture issues
  • It’s ease of use and it’s ultra high gloss appearance makes this product a customer favorite!
  • High Solids, High Gloss, Concrete, brick, paver sealer
  • Exteme Gloss “Wet Look” Sealer
  • Penetrates Deep into concrete
  • Prevent staining and moisture damage
  • Provides excellent durability and protection

MIXING: Stir well before using. Material may separate during long term storage.
APPLICATION: Apply using a 3/8” – 1/2” nap roller cover using long even uniform strokes at approximately 200-350 square feet per gallon depending on porosity and texture of substrate. Do not allow to Puddle! Thick or puddle areas may prevent the solvent from evaporating and may be susceptible to moisture intrusion which may cause milky white spots. Applying too thin may cause sealer to prematurely delaminate, flake or wear away. Allow sealer to dry for 24 hours for light traffic and at least 48 hours for heavy traffic. If applying two coats, wait approximately 4 – 6 hours between coats.

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Weight 192 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 15 in
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