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surfkoatSurf Guard SB 100 Pool Deck Sealer


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A single component 100% silane that penetrates deeply into concrete or masonry and provides long term weatherproofing protection.


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Surf Koat | Surf Guard SB 100

SB-100 is a 100% active ingredient, breathable, extremely deep penetrating water repellent sealer for all types of porous concrete and masonry surfaces such as concrete, concrete pavers, block, brick masonry, mortar and cultured or manufactured stone. SB-100 provides extreme protection against water intrusion, salts, acid rain, de-icing chemicals and freeze/thaw exposure. SB-100 works by penetrating deep below the surface and protects without changing the sheen, texture or traction of the surface, leaving a completely natural appearance and will never flake, chip or peel.

It doesn’t get any more powerful than this. SB-100 is 100% active ingredient. This is essentially the concentrate all the other diluted silane sealers are made from. SB-100 consistently out performs all other penetrating sealers on cementitious substrates such as concrete, block, concrete pavers, mortar and manufactured stone. SB-100 also performs very well on many types of natural stone and masonry. This is the sealer used by DOT’s across the country to protect bridges, roadways, overpasses, parking structures and other public construction projects that demand only the best protection.

The same properties that make SB-100 the ultimate concrete sealer, also make it the most effective cultured stone sealer we have ever tested! SB-100 is so concentrated that it in most cases will penetrate entirely through your cultured stone and mortar, making the entire mass water-repellent. SB-100 is hands down the most effective product we have ever found for protecting faux stone masonry and stopping moisture intrusion that can cause dangerous mold, and mildew problems within walls.

SB-100 is easy to use and VOC compliant for all parts of the US except California.

Ideal for; Pool Decks, Patios, Broom Finished Concrete, Smooth Finished Concrete, Cast-In-Place Concrete, Precast Concrete, Exposed Aggregate, Mortar, concrete pavers, cultured stone, and dyed Stucco.

• Small silane molecules result in deep penetration
• Outstanding protection against deicing salts and chloride
• Will not change the traction or skid resistance of a surface
• No color change/will not darken surface
• Can never flake or peel
• Can be applied down to 50°F
• Dries quickly in 1 ~ 2 hours
• Improves adhesion for solvent based paints
• Active Material – 100% minimum by weight
• Drying Time: 1 hour at 70°F

Weight 880 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 15 in
Product Type

5-Gal Pail