Dayton Superior Recrete 20 Concrete Repair Mortar Vertical


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Fast-setting, non-sag, high strength, vertical, horizontal, and overhead concrete repair mortar. Yield= 0.45 to 0.48 cuft. per 50 lb.


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Dayton Superior – ReCrete 20 Minute

Recrete 20 Minute is a general purpose cement based concrete repair and patching material. Recrete 20 Minute is specially formulated to provide a fast setting repair mortar with excellent workability. Recrete 20 Minute can be used for repair and patching of vertical, overhead and horizontal areas subject to light traffic both interior and exterior.

• Suitable for horizontal, vertical, and overhead applications
• Twice the strength of typical concrete
• Can be shaped and molded
• Fast setting, tack free in 20 minutes
• Rapid strength gain, over 3000 psi in 24 hours



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Weight 880 oz
Dimensions 22 x 10 x 5 in
Product Size

50 lb. Bag