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Sale! Gill 33 Superbond Concrete Repair Kit
Gill Industries Construction Chemicals Gill 33 SuperbondGill 33 Superbond Liquid Admix for Cement ConcreteGill 33 Superbond Liquid Admix for High PSI Concrete


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty Badge A cementitious, rapid setting all-in-one bucket repair kit that includes a specific blend of portland cement and Gill 33® Superbond admixture which reaches a compressive strength of up to 7,390 PSI.

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Gill Industries – Gill #33 Repair Kit for Concrete

Gill 33® – Superbond Repair Kit is a cementitious, rapid setting all-in-one bucket repair kit that includes a specific blend of portland cement and Gill 33® Superbond admixture. Designed for horizontal applications that can be used in a wide range of temperatures from 17 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

For patching existing concrete, overlaying concrete to establish new pitch or wear surface and to produce concrete that may be scheduled for fast track coating. May be mixed in bucket that it comes packaged in or in small or large transit mixers.

Ideal repair for:
• DOT Road or Bridge repair
• Warehouse and manufacturing facility floor repair
• Airport runways
• Post-tension cable repairs
• Form or pour projects

Other Key Uses:
• Any concrete projects
• New Concrete Floors
• Cement Patching
• Non-shrink Grout
• Waterproofing
• Overlays

• Increases compressive strength of portland cement up to 7,390 PSI
• Can take vehicle traffic in 4 hours
• Allows placement of any protective coating in only 24 hours
• Can be used to product Permanent, no shrinkage patch material
• Extremely Cost Effective – Less than $10/cubic foot (including concrete)
• Can be hand mixed, added to ready mix trucks, or concrete pump
• Permanent patch repair for damaged concrete
• High Impact Resistances
• Can be used for thin overlays or full depth pours
• Eliminates lengthy, costly downtime
• Can be used to waterproof concrete
• Environmentally Safe
• Tools clean up with water
• Does not change color or appearance of Concrete



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Weight 880 oz
Dimensions 10 x 11 x 15 in
Product Size

5-Gal Pail