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Sale! Gill 33 Superbond Liquid Admix for Portland Waterproofing Rapid Cure Cement Concrete Hardener Densifier 5 Gallon Jug
Gill 33 Superbond can be added to a ready mix truckGill 33 Modified Concrete is handled just like regular concreteConcrete Driveway Repair using Gill 33 Superbond


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty Badge A liquid concentrate, micro-silica based admixture that reacts with Fresh Cement to create a Superior Bonding, Waterproof, Non-Shrink Concrete, Cement Patch, and Non-Shrink Grout which develops high early strength in concrete mixes, and increases compressive strength of portland cement up to 6,150 PSI.

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Gill Industries – Gill #33 Superbond

Gill 33 Superbond ® is a liquid, micro silica based admixture, is added to standard portland, cement mortar and concrete to produce a high performance concrete.

Construction Uses:
For non-shrink concrete repairs and overlays the dosage rate is 3 gallons per yard of Portland.
For non-shrink grouting the dosage rate is 6 gallons per yard of Portland
For small concrete patching repairs the dosage rate is one (1) part Gill 33® to seven (7) parts water.
For wall waterproofing the dosage rate is one (1) part Gill 33® to three (3) parts water


  • Does Not Change Color of Concrete
  • Rapid Curing of Concrete, 33 minutes full cure vs. 28 days!!
  • Waterproofing, makes cement batches waterproof!!
  • Increased Compressive Strength, Doubles Portland Compressive Strength, up to 6,150 PSI!!
  • Easy to Use, use full strength (rapid cure) or mix with water.
  • New Concrete Floors, and overlays
  • Concrete Patching, Colored Concrete, Concrete Grouting
  • Does not effect or change color of your cement / concrete
  • 1-Gallon Makes up to 10-gallons when diluted with water
  • Gill 33 Modified Concrete can take vehicle traffic in 4 hours
  • Allows placement of any protective coating in only 24 hours
  • Can be used to produce Permanent, no shrinkage patching material
  • Extremely Cost Effective – Less than $10/cubic foot (including concrete)
  • Can be hand mixed, added to ready mix trucks, or concrete pump
  • Permanent patch repair for damaged concrete
  • High Impact Resistances
  • Can be used for thin overlays or full depth pours
  • Eliminates lengthy, costly downtime
  • Can be used to waterproof concrete
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Tools clean up with water
  • Does not change color or appearance of Concrete

Gill Modified Concrete, is effective in permanently patching and overlaying damaged concrete. Gill Modified Concrete can be used for thin overlays or full depth pours. Concrete made with Gill 33® may be top coated with paint or a protective coating in 24 to 48 hours depending upon mix design and temperature. This concrete also results in high early strength allowing most vehicular traffic four hours after curing. Specific uses for the Gill 33® are intended for bridge and highway surfaces, industrial plant floors, equipment supports, parking garage decks, wastewater treatment plants, chemical and petroleum secondary containment systems and pump bases, and many others. Gill Modified
Concrete is for use only on unpainted, non-coated concrete that has been properly prepared and cleaned per our Procedural Bulletins.

– Gill 33® Superbond will allow you to put a protective coating on concrete in 24 hours. No other product on the market today can make this claim.
– Gill 33® Superbond will also produce concrete that has high early strength that allows for vehicular traffic in 4 hours.



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Weight 880 oz
Dimensions 10 x 11 x 15 in
Product Size

1-Gal Jug, 5-Gal Pail