Sale! Lambert - Plug hydraulic cement repair compound Conspec Tampa Florida
Lambert - Plug hydraulic cement repair compound Conspec Tampa Florida


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Single-component hydraulic-cement based repair mortar


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LAMBCO® PLUG is a dry powder product composed of hydraulic cement, silica sand, set accelerators and bonding enhancers. It sets in 3 to 4 minutes after being mixed with clean water. LAMBCO® PLUG is designed as a cementitious repair product that attains maximum strength rapidly. One of its main uses is to stop running or seeping water through the cracks or holes in concrete structures. Because LAMBCO® PLUG maintains its dimensional stability it ensures a tight/firm seal and bond that will not corrode or decompose. It is stronger and more durable than normal Portland cement mixes and is more resistant to solutions of sulfates. The heat producing function of LAMBCO® PLUG, which produces the fast set time. LAMBCO® PLUG is used for concrete repairs to active water leaks, hydrostatic pressure water leaks, and underwater concrete repairs. This makes it ideal for basement, tunnel, elevator pit, and sewer repairs. It is also used for grouting/anchoring and sealing around bolts, conduits, and pipes. LAMBCO® PLUG is compatible with other portland cement type mixes or mortars suitable for faster repair or anchoring.

Weight 880 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 15 in
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