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Sale! Tremco Vulkem 350 Liquid Applied Waterproofing 5-Gallon
Vulkem 350 351 Waterproofing Details DiagramVulkem 350 351 Waterproofing Urethane Walkway Deck CoatingVulkem 350 351 Waterproofing Urethane Balcony Deck Coating


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeVulkem 350 is a single-component polyurethane Basecoat waterproof coating that possesses tenacious adhesion to clean and dry concrete, wood and metal. Use as a underlayment waterproofing or combine with Vulkem 351 Topcoat for a pedestrian walkway . (Vulkem 351 Topcoat sold separately)


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Vulkem 350-R NF Polyurethane Waterproofing Deck Coating

The Vulkem Under Topcoat & Under Tile Waterproofing System is a durable waterproofing coating, composed of tough-curing liquid polyurethane rubber.  The Vulkem Under Tile Waterproofing System cures to form a seamless elastomeric rubber membrane system that is waterproof, durable and, when installed per Tremco’s recommendations, meets TCA guidelines.  Tremco recommends Vulkem 350NF, which is a one-part, low-odor, low-VOC urethane membrane that bonds firmly to primarily clean and dry concrete, but also wood or metal.  It retains its integrity even if substrate movement causes hairline cracks of up to 1/16 in. (2mm).  Vulkem 350NF is available in two viscosities, SL (self-leveling) and R (roller grade) for vertical or horizontal applications.

NOTE: cannot be used as a wearing surface or exposed to UV-light, must be covered with 351 Topcoat Urethane or used as waterproofing for under Tile, Wood, Composite Flooring.

Broadcast a 20/30 to 20/40 Grade Silica into the 350 while curing to achieve a “Non-Skid” surface.

• Coverage = 60 ~ 80 sqft per gallon (based on porosity of the substrate)
• MIAMI-DADE County Product Control Approved # 11-0516.02
• Ideal Waterproofing Coating System for Under Tile
Basecoat waterproofing for Balconys and Decks (requires Vulkem 351 Topcoat)
• Cures to a durable rubberized waterproofing coating
• Low Odor, Low VOC, compliant with all existing VOC regulations
• Bonds firmly to primarily clean and dry Concrete, Wood and Metal

Ideal for;

• Flat Roofs
• Vehicular Decks
• Pool and Recreation decks
• Balcony Terraces
• Mechanical Rooms
• Restrooms
• Kitchens
• Stadiums
• Ramp Areas
• Elevated plenums
• May also be used as a waterproofing membrane in untreated, non-potable water retention tanks (as commonly used for fire-suppression).

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Roller Grade

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