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Sale! Tremco Vulkem 351 Liquid Applied Waterproofing Topcoat Urethane Paint 5-Gallon
Vulkem 350 351 Waterproofing Details DiagramTremco Vulkem 350 351 Liquid Applied Waterproofing Coating Basecoat application Beige Color TopcoatTremco Vulkem 350 351 Liquid Applied Waterproofing Coating Basecoat application


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeVulkem 351 is a composite waterproofing system comprised of tough curing liquid polyurethane.  It cures to form a rubber membrane surface that provides a lasting and easy-to-clean coating. Use silica sand to texture surfaces for pedestrian traffic (use an aggregate-laden top membrane to aid in wear and slip resistance. )  Vulkem 351 is used with Vulkem 350 Basecoat to create a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane to concrete and primed metal surfaces.. (Vulkem 350 Basecoat sold separately)


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Vulkem 351 LV Polyurethane Topcoat Deck Coating

Vulkem 350/351 is an attractive composite waterproofing system comprised of tough-curing liquid polyurethane. It cures to form a rubber membrane surface that provides a lasting eye-appealing and easy-to-clean coating. Non-skid surfaces for pedestrian traffic features use of an aggregate-laden top membrane for surest footing. Vulkem 350/351 may be used to apply a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane to smooth concrete, to well-anchored and primed wood and to primed metal surfaces. Simple, easy-to-follow procedures, use of conventional tools or optional spray permit fast, sure application. Vulkem 350 is a one part urethane membrane that bonds firmly to clean, dry concrete, wood or metal. It retains its integrity even if substrate movement causes hairline cracks of up to 1/16” (1.6mm). If cut or damaged, Vulkem 350 will prevent water migration between it and its substrate. Vulkem 350  is available in an R (roller) and an SL (self-leveling) grade for vertical or horizontal use. Vulkem 351 is applied after the Vulkem 350 basecoat has cured. The finished top layer affords excellent abrasion resistance and outstanding elongation and recovery to expand and contract with substrates. Interlaminar adhesion to Vulkem 350 is exceedingly strong.  Vulkem 351 Topcoat is available in Beige, Gray, Limestone, Maple, Slate Gray, Black and White.

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Broadcast or backroll 20/30 Grade Silica into the material while curing to achieve a “Non-Skid” surface.

• Coverage = 100 sqft per gallon (based on substrate application)
MIAMI-DADE County Product Control Approved 
• Ideal Waterproofing Coating System for balcony, and Plaza Decks
• Waterproofing  (Requires Vulkem 350 Basecoat Waterproofing) 
• Cures to a durable rubberized waterproofing coating
• Low Odor, Low VOC, compliant with all existing VOC regulations
• Bonds firmly to primarily clean and dry Concrete, Wood and Metal, (may require Vulkem Primers)

Ideal for;

• Flat Roofs
• Vehicular Decks
• Pool and Recreation decks
• Balcony Terraces
• Mechanical Rooms
• Restrooms
• Kitchens
• Stadiums
• Ramp Areas
• Elevated plenums
• May also be used as a waterproofing membrane in untreated, non-potable water retention tanks (as commonly used for fire-suppression).

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Weight 1232 oz
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 18 in
Product Color


Product Size

5-Gallon Pail

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