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ATC Epoxy CRACKBOND 2100 MV Epoxy Repair concrete BUG-2100 102-oz Kit 2019
ATC Ultrabond 2100 Coating Concrete rolling epoxyATC Ultrabond 2100 Epoxy Bonding and Coating ConcreteATC Ultrabond 2100 Epoxy MixingFlorida DOT Approved Products List APL QPLATC Epoxy CRACKBOND 2100 MV Epoxy Repair concrete BUG-2100 102-oz Kit 2019


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeTwo part, 100% solids, high strength epoxy bonding adhesive. It is a self-leveling, moisture insensitive, medium viscosity epoxy system.


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ATC – CRACKBOND® 2100 Epoxy (102-oz Kit)

CRACKBOND 2100 (formerly called Ultrabond 2100) is a high strength 2-component epoxy adhesive product for bonding new concrete to old concrete. Its bonding and sealing capabilities for interior and exterior slabs are exceptional. It can also be used for several types of repair projects and can be mixed with aggregate as an epoxy mortar spall repair. Its medium viscosity is perfect for medium width horizontal cracks and can be used in temperatures between 40-100°F.  CRACKBOND 2100 (formerly called Ultrabond 2100) Epoxy is DOT Approved, and is rated and approved Florida QPL / APL #926-000-030 epoxy.     

Meets Florida DOT Approved Products List Florida DOT Approved Products List APL QPL MaterialsFL-DOT APL Listing for ATC CRACKBOND 2100 Bulk Epoxy 

General Uses

• Bonding fresh to hardened or hardened to hardened concrete
• Mortar Repair Material (when mixed with dry silica sand)
• Self-leveling spall and patching material
• Gravity feed crack repairs
• Cementitious repair bonder

Advantages and Features

• FL DOT Approved
• Florida QPL / APL #926-000-030
• High strength epoxy adhesive
• Can be used for vertical applications
• Self-leveling medium viscosity
• Easy to use (1:1 ratio) system
• Moisture insensitive epoxy



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Weight 272 oz
Dimensions 14 x 14 x 14 in
Product Size

102 oz