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Sale! ATC Crackbond CSR Polyurethane Epoxy for Concrete Cracks 8-oz cartridge
ATC Epoxy Crackbond CSR for concrete spall repairATC Crackbond CSR used to repair cracks in concreteATC Epoxy Crackbond CSR on concrete


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeCrackbond CSR is a specially formulated very low viscosity two-part polyurethane epoxy blended rapid cure concrete crack & spall repair material. Cures in 20 Minutes, Reaches 4,900 psi in 1 hour


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ATC – Crackbond CSR – Crack & Spall Repair (8.6-oz)

Crackbond CSR is a specially formulated, very low viscosity, 2-component hybrid polyurethane. It is a rapid curing concrete repair material perfect when minimal down time is required. Its low viscosity offers deep penetration into hairline cracks of the concrete for a structural repair. The addition of aggregate makes a quality spall repair product that is ready for grinding and open to traffic in less than 1 hour. Difficult repairs are now simple, just clean the area, prime with Crackbond CSR, add silica sand, and flood with additional Crackbond CSR.  In 60 minutes or less you’ll get a tough 4900 psi polymer concrete that will stay in place permanently. It is a solvent free system and can be used in temperatures between 0°F to 115°F which makes it perfect for repairs in freezers!  At only 60 centipoise Crackbond CSR actually injects itself into the matrix of the concrete and shores up the existing concrete as well as making the repair.

• Reaches 4,900 psi in 1 hour
• Cures in 20 minutes
• Open to traffic in 1 hour
• Solvent Free, Paintable
• Use in temperatures down to 0°F
• Self-leveling, No Tooling needed
• Repair cracks and spalls in high traffic areas
• Rebuild spalled floor joints and concrete edges
• Repair concrete on bridge & parking decks
• Repair of interior and exterior hairline cracks
• Repair floors prior to floor grinding/polishing



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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 9 in
Product Size

8.6 oz Cartridge

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