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Sale! ATC Crackbond LR-321G Concrete Repair Epoxy 16-oz Cartridge for blindside cracks conspec tampa florida
Florida DOT Approved Products List APL QPLBlindside Wall Epoxy Crack PortsATC Crackbond LR-321G Concrete Repair Epoxy 16-oz Cartridge for blindside cracks conspec tampa florida


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeTwo part, 2:1 ratio, 100% solids, thixotropic gel viscosity, high strength, structural epoxy adhesive.  Ideal for medium sized cracks approx (1/32 to 3/8”) in width.


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Crackbond LR-321-G Epoxy Injection (GEL)

Crackbond LR321G Injection Gel is a multi-viscosity, two component, 2:1 ratio, 100% solids, high modulus, structural epoxy adhesive. It is a solvent free, low odor, high strength, moisture insensitive, medium viscosity (when mixed) epoxy system. Crackbond LR321G can be used at temperatures between 35°F – 110°F, providing contractors with a choice for injecting cracks in high and low temperature environments. In addition, Crackbond LR321G has a gel like consistency, which is ideal for medium sized cracks. Crackbond LR321G is an excellent choice where a high strength adhesive with maximum field reliability is desired.

Crackbond LR321G Injection Gel is a unique thixotropic formula that is designed for use as an injection gel for cracks in wood and concrete structures that are fine to medium sized in width (1/32 – 3/8”). Its multi-viscosity properties enable it to flow as a liquid when dispensed through a mixer nozzle and act as a gel when idle. This makes it ideal for repairing blind side cracks (basement repairs).

This allows contractors to repair leaks in basements without the costly step of excavating the outside area of the basement wall. It cures to a solid with no shrinkage, bonds to both surfaces of the crack, bonding the structure back to its original monolithic strength. This bond forms a permanent polymeric adhesion that cannot re-emulsify, and forms a moisture barrier that is resistant to chlorides, corrosion, water, grease, alkalis, salt and mild non-organic acids. Crackbond LR321G is moisture insensitive and will adhere to moist or damp surfaces (for maximum bond, it is better to work on dry surfaces).

Crackbond LR321G is not to be used in areas with standing or seeping water. Steps must be taken to eliminate any standing or flowing water before repairs are made.

CRACKBOND LR-321G has been approved under Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) SpecificationSection 926 Epoxy Crack Injection Type E. It is listed on their Approved Products List (APL)

Meets Florida DOT Approved Products List Florida DOT Approved Products List APL QPL MaterialsFL-DOT APL Listing for Crackbond LR-321 Injection Resin

General Uses

• Pressure injection of fine to medium size cracks (1/32 – 3/8”)
• Blind Side Crack Repairs (basement walls)
• Bonding agent for concrete to concrete, steel and wood structures
• Epoxy Resin binder for epoxy mortar patching using addition of aggregate
• Sealer for interior slabs and exterior above-ground slabs from water, chlorides and mild chemical attack
• Pre-stressed membrane repairs – used on bridges, reservoirs, dams, etc.

Advantages and Features

• FL DOT / APL Certification Number: 926-004-016

High Strength, Moisture insensitive system-can be used on damp surfaces
• Thixotropic Gel Viscosity epoxy system ideal for Blindside crack injection applications
• 100% solids, solvent free system means low VOC content


ATC Epoxy Recommends the #T58CBSK  Nozzles for use with the 321G



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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 12 in
Product Size

16 oz

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