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Sale! Todol PUR Fill Fireblock Foam FB01 Conspec
Todol Foam Product Line UpTodol PUR Fill Fireblock Foam FB01 ConspecTodol FB01 FireBlock Foam


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeUsed to seal out smoke, air, water, red-orange in color, smoke seal foam, meets ASTM E-84, and ASTM E814 (Modified)


$29.97 $14.99

Todol – Fire Block Foam FB-01

FB-01 FireBlock Polyurethane Gun Foam will quickly fill and seal large gaps around vents, pipes, ducts and wires; and at wall-to-floor or ceiling-to-floor joints. Use in Type V residential construction. Bright Red-Orange foam for easy code identification. Expands 2-1/2 to 3 times its dispensed size. One can yields up to 45 caulk tubes.

• ASTM E-84
• ASTM E814 (Modified)
• ICC-ES Evaluation Report ESR-2977
• Orange in color
• Fireblock
• Stops Smoke
• Stops Air and Water
• Closed cell formulation
• One can yields up to 45 caulk tubes



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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 11 in
Product Color


Product Size


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