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Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeCleans foam applicator guns, and removes un-cured polyurethane foam.


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Todol – Pur Clean Foam & Gun Cleaner

Todol – Pur Clean is a convenient solvent used to clean uncured urethane aerosol foam from your gun. It can be used as a spray (spray button included) or you can attach it directly to your foam gun (gun adapter collar allows direct mounting). Pur Clean is designed to remove fresh polyurethane residue and foam, and to rinse and clean foam guns after use. It will NOT dissolve cured foam.

• Keeps your gun Clean
• Easy to use
• Screws onto any Foam dispensing gun
• Button Spray adapter included
• Use as Spray or attach to gun
• Remove fresh polyurethane residue
• Remove fresh un-cured foam



To view the most recent Material Safety Data Sheet, please click here.

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 7 in

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