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Sale! Ruscoe Highway Products 965 Non Sag Highway Sealant Case Conspec Materials Tampa
Ruscoe Highway Products 965 Non Sag Highway Sealant Case Conspec Materials TampaRuscoe Highway Sealants Premanent SealerParking Garage Sealant Ruscoe Gas and Oil Resistant SealantRuscoe Sealant Highway Airport Runway Joint Design Details


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeOne-part, fast skinning, Nitrile rubber traffic loop detector sealant that cures to produce a durable, tough, flexible rubber seal, and can be used as a crack filler for Asphalt and Concrete

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Ruscoe | 965 Non-Sag Highway Sealant

Ruscoe Permanent Sealer 965 nitrile rubber loop sealant – is a one part, elastomeric, nitrile rubber material that readily extrudes over a wide temperature range and cures to produce a tough, flexible rubber sealant unaffected by water, chemicals, fuels or incompressibles.

RUSCOE 965 Non-Sag Highway Sealant & Crack Filler features:

  • Easy application — one part ready to use as supplied; no mixing or heating required; dispensed directly from container by caulking guns or air powered pump.
  • Tack Free time at 77°F is only 10 minutes!
  • No priming — no primer required for good bond to either asphalt or portland cement concrete.
  • DOT Highway Use — Especially effective for sealing bridge deck vertical curbs, joints, slopes, or any other area requiring a tough resilient sealant.
  • Performance Requirements — exceeds Federal Specification TT-S-00230C Type II, Class A
  • Flexibile and Tough — remains flexible to withstand pavement movement. Once cured, the tough nitrile rubber sealant rejects any noncompressible from entering the joint.
  • Chemical resistant — jet fuel and hydrol fluids have no effect.
  • Constant water Immersion — 965 Nitrile Rubber Sealant can be used for constant water immersion; (sealant must be cured 28 days prior to immersion.
  • Superior adhesion — will adhere to virtually any type of substrate.  Steel, aluminum, wood, glass, brick, asphalt, or portland cement concrete whether dry or damp.
  • Good weatherability — nitrile rubber sealant unaffected by salts, oils, greases, transmission fluids, gasoline, rain, snow, ozone or temperature extremes.
  • Long life reliability — remains rubbery from -60°Fto 300°F.

Ruscoe Permanent Sealer 965 Non-Sag nitrile rubber is designed primarily for sealing vertical joints in which extreme movement occurs.  It effectively seals joints and cracks in asphaltic concrete and portland cement concrete. The sealant is paintable simplifying striping operations.  PERMANENT SEALER 965 will seal joints, cracks and voids where irregular vertical and horizontal gaps are present as well as parking garage entries, parking ramp entries, roadway joints, highway overpass, and bridge structures, airport runways, and asphalt, and concrete cracks.  RUSCOE PERMANENT SEALER 965 has been used effectively as a random crack filler in both portland cement concrete and asphalt concrete.



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Weight 640 oz
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 20 in
Product Color

Black, Gray

Product Size

Case of (12) Quart Cartridges

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