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Sale! M-1 Universal Adhesive and Sealant 10-oz Tube Conspec Materials Tampa Florida Solar Roofing
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Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeOne-part, 100% solvent free, fast-curing, gun-grade Polyether sealant, and adhesive. 24 Tubes Per Case.  MIAMI – DADE HURRICANE APPROVED !!


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M-1 Universal Adhesive and Sealant

Restricted Supply : Limited Quantities Available, Order now!! Next Estimated Delivery 12 Weeks 

M-1® is a moisture curing, polyether adhesive sealant designed for applications in wet, dry, or cold climates. M-1® is 100% solvent free and contains no isocyanates. M-1® will not shrink upon curing, will not discolor when exposed to UV light, and does not “out-gas”, or bubble on damp surfaces as urethane sealants often do. M-1® is capable of joint movement in excess of 35% in both compression and extension. M-1® can be used effectively in many difficult construction site conditions such as damp or dry climates and at temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C). M-1 is thermosetting and adheres tenaciously to metal, glass, wood, EPDM, concrete, fiberglass, asphalt, masonry, PVC, and most engineering plastics. The unique, fast setting alkoxy cure allows this adhesive to develop strength rapidly after only brief exposure to moisture. M-1 is elastomeric and exhibits excellent low temperature properties. Since M-1® contains zero solvents it can be used safely in confined work spaces. M-1 has a fast 20 minute skin over time, and is Paintable within 24 hours.  Chemlink M-1 is rated at a Tensile Strength of 465 psi, ASTM D412

Chemlink M-1 Sealant Adhesive is now MIAMI DADE APPROVED

PDF-iconTo view the Miami-Dade Approval Documents, please click here.

NOTE: You will need a Heavy Duty Manual Caulking Gun for this sealant, we recommend;   Albion B26, COX 41004-XT, or ATC #TM9HD

  • Bonds to Most Substrates
  • Fast, 20 minute skin over
  • Can Cure underwater for emergency repairs
  • Solvent Free, does not shrink
  • Use in temperatures down to 32°F
  • Capable of joint movement in excess of 35% +/-
  • Paintable within 24 hours
  • Effective on damp surfaces
  • Very good color stability, will not suntan
  • Non-slump, Gun Grade, applies vertically and overhead
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential use
  • Interior and Exterior Use
  • One tube covers 25 linear feet at 1/4″ bead
  • Used in the Solar Panel industry as a mounting adhesive/sealant
  • Used in the Lightning Rod industry as a mounting adhesive/sealant
  • Used in the Boat & Marine industry as a above waterline sealant
  • Used in the Construction industry for bonding dissimilar materials
  • Used in the Roofing industry for bonding, sealing, flashing, & waterproofing
  • Used in the HVAC / Plumbing industry for mounting, sealing
  • Used in the Pool industry for mounting pool tiles and fixing broken tiles




To view the most recent Technical Data Sheet, please click here.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 12 in
Product Color

Black, Dark Bronze, Gray, Limestone, Tan, White

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