Sale! chemlink-1-part-pourable-narrow-seam-pitch-pocket-and-penetration-sealant-64-oz-pouch
Chemlink 1-part used to seal around Large H-BeamsChemlink 1-Part Sealant applied to multiple roof penetrationschemlink-1-part-pourable-narrow-seam-pitch-pocket-and-penetration-sealant-64-oz-pouch


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1-Part Pourable Penetration Sealant

1-Part Pourable Sealer is a fast skinning, moisture-cure, self-leveling, high performance, waterproofing sealant for pipes, penetration seals, and odd shapes in exterior or interior environments with horizontal application. It is suitable for application in damp, dry, or cold climates. 1 Part is solvent free, contains no isocyanates and will not shrink upon curing. 1 Part does not “out-gas” or bubble on damp surfaces as urethane sealants often do. 1 Part has resilient “elastomeric” properties and excellent adhesion to most construction materials. 1 Part can be used effectively in many difficult construction site conditions and cures in wet or dry climate conditions and at low temperatures (32°F / 0°C). 1 Part’s low durometer accommodates greater movement in penetration seals than typical urethane sealants.


  • Solvent free, 100% solids will not shrink
  • 20 minute skin over
  • No outgassing on damp surfaces
  • Good UV stability, will not suntan
  • Paintable within 24 hours (See limitations)
  • Self leveling, no special tools or mixing required
  • Application at temperatures as low as 32°F (0°C)
  • Perfect for Horizontal Pipe Penetrations, Pitch Pockets/Pans, or as a Narrow Seam Sealant
  • LEED 2.2 for New Construction and Major Renovations: Low Emitting Materials (Section 4.1) 1 Point
  • NAHB Model Green Home Building Guidelines: 5 Global Impact Points
  • VOC Content: less than 19 grams / liter ASTM D2369 EPA Method 24 (tested at 240°F / 115°C)
  • Conforms to OTC Rule for Sealants and Caulks
  • Meets requirements of California Regs: CARB, BAAQMD and SCAQMD
  • This product DOES NOT contain cancer causing chemicals listed in California Proposition 65
  • Conforms to USDA Requirements for Non-food Contact

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2 x 2 x 12 in
Product Color

Black, Gray, White

Product Size

64-oz, Case (4-Pouches)