Sale! Chemlink E-Curb Solar Penetration Seal System 5-inch kit Tampa Florida Conspec Roofing Pitch Pocket Solar stanchions
Chemlink M1 Roof Adhesive Pitch pan sealantChemlink E-Curb for roof penetrations even on sloped metal roofsChemlink E-Curb mounted vertically with M1 and sealed with DuralinkChemlink E-Curbs used to seal around Large H-BeamsChemlink E-Curb for roof solar penetration seals stanchions Quick Mount vent stacks mod bit roof Tampa Florida


Conspec Family Business BadgeConspec Warranty BadgeE-Curb Pre-Molded, light weight, nylon resin, waterproof roof penetration seals. 5 inch Kit Includes; 3x E-Curbs, 1x Half Gallon Pouch of 1-Part Pourable Sealer, 2x Tubes M-1 Gray Sealant


$139.97 $105.95

Chemlink | Solar Penetration Seal System E-Curb 5″ Inch Kit

E-Curb penetration seals replace old-style metal pitch pans with versatile, precast components and pourable sealants.  CHEM LINK’s E-Curb System can usually be installed in under 15 minutes and never requires flashing or mechanical attachment. E-Curbs are designed for use on granulated modified bitumen, asphalt and coal tar B.U.R. (built up roofing). E-Curbs are specified for PVC, PIB, and TPO single ply roofing membranes. E-Curbs are highly versatile for sealing penetrations around solar panel mounts, HVAC, Electrical, and any type of structural supports. TPO Primer is required for use with TPO. When installed properly, this system forms a durable, waterproof rubber seal around penetrations. An extended warranty against leaks is activated with submittal of a completed warranty card.

E-Curb 5-inch Kit Includes;
• 3x E-Curbs
• 1x Half Gallon Pouch of 1-Part Pourable Sealer
• 2x Tubes M-1 Gray Sealant

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 16 x 16 x 16 in

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