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Sale! Albion Engineering 258-5S Stainless Steel Caulk Tooling Spatula
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Albion Engineering | 258-5S Stainless Steel Caulk Tooling Spatula

258-5S Albion Classic Wood Handle Spatula, 5″ long stainless steel straight blade, 7/8″ wide at tip. Optimal flex for perfectly finished joints, polished to a smooth finish for minimum drag. All sizes in stock ready to ship!

• Classic hardwood handle spatula
• 5 inch long blade
• 7/8″ width at tip
• Stainless steel blade, ground for optimal flex for perfectly finished joints
• Polished to smooth finish for minimum drag and easy cleaning

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions .5 x .5 x 5 in
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5″ x 7/8″